Own Your Wellness – Breaking the Myth of Ayurveda

  • We are what we consume. So let’s turn to experts to learn what to consume
  • If a certain food is good for someone, it must be good for everyone
  • At least super foods like kale and quinoa and super foods for everyone
  • If a substance can treat a particular condition in one person, it will treat others with the same condition
  • If I consume the right amount of calories, vitamins and minerals in any form, I will be healthy
  • Physical health and mental health can be mutually exclusive
  • Ayurveda cannot be practiced without taking certain herbs and powders

The truth is that one man’s bread can be another man’s poison. A substance that can create health for someone is capable of creating disease in another. There is no one golden formula to health.

A state of wellness is possible when you are able to understand your own unique body-mind framework and discover its specific tendencies, and be able to synchronize it with the environment around you.

This 10 hour workshop over a period of 2-3 days will help you learn the specific coding of your body and what it needs. Borrowing from the principles of Ayurveda, the workshop focuses on identifying how the universal five elements manifest themselves in the human body. Once you understand the particular elements that dominate your body as well as the elements in your food and environment, wellness will become easy and intuitive.

This workshop will empower you to

  • Become your own wellness expert
  • Be in tune with your body, mind and environment
  • Be able to connect and treat problems that you so far thought had nothing to do with each other. (Like anger and acidity, or dry skin and bloating etc.)
  • Be able to consume anything you want by learning the right time and combination to eat it in
  • Examine fads before accepting or rejecting them
  • Cure simple ailments with minor lifestyle changes
  • Maintain health without always supplementing it with a tablet or powder

Workshops can be conducted for organizations or even small groups of 15 people anywhere in the world. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Nidhi Pandya- Ayurvedic healer and consultant