Hey Nidhi, I was 5 weeks postpartum and my entire family got Covid except me. Since the first family member tested positive, I immediately started taking shamshamni vati and also putting cloves in my cheek pocket every night. I eventually did test positive but barely had a headache one night. I honestly believe I was able to beat it so easily because of all the Ayurveda protocols I was following.


Hello, Dr. Nidhi! Ever since I’ve heard you talk and read more about Ayurveda, it has just given me a renewed life force. I’ve been in awe of you since I first heard you, not just because of your deep knowledge and understanding but more so of how you convey it. There is such great energy that surrounds you even in your live sessions, I can only imagine what it must be like to talk to you in person.


Nidhi truly transformed every aspect of my life using simple Ayurvedic principles and taught me to approach health more holistically by working on the mind, body, and soul all at once. My work with Nidhi has been like working and learning from a mentor to understand myself and the world around me, and eventually become empowered to face anything life throws at me.


 I have been following Nidhi’s list of dos and don’ts for the last two months and I can feel a remarkable change in my body. I used to pop up pills of acidity, headaches on a daily basis which has come to negligible. I used to starve myself to lose weight & suffered from irregular periods – these have improved so much that I feel that the old days are back.


My consultation with Nidhi was a very positive experience. As soon as we met, I got the sense that this person is someone who has studied and experienced the teachings and ‘walks the talk’. I could sense her vitality. Nidhi took time to understand my concerns and needs. The food and lifestyle recommendations were very do-able. She’s also very prompt with her email responses.


Working with Nidhi has been a game changer! I’ve suffered from digestive troubles and anxiety for years. Her program has been a great learning experience as she’s walked me through basic ayurvedic principles which have been so enlightening! I’m only half way through the program and I’m excited for what is ahead.


Hello Nidhi, I have followed many pages and done several readings/study on the topic of Ayurveda and you seem to be far more authentic on the subject. The way you bust the myths and speak on the subject deeply is admirable. Especially since you address the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions all together is great because most people address only one or the other and that really doesn’t paint the whole picture.


Your sessions are so interesting, I never miss a single one.
It’s definitely like unlearning so many practices we considered normal.
I love how you bring about the balance between ayurveda and our food cravings.
The fact that you’re being so nonassertive and calm while giving advice makes us want to consider your advice even more.


 I would like to share my experience with any oil, it was superb. I got relief from my Vata pain, headache from the back of my shoulder, hurting my neck, and the tightness of the trapezius muscle. I felt after an hour all data came below my belly, it was knocking. Yes, it was then vata moved out from my body.

I got tremendous relief. All thanks to you.


I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in February 2020. In the last 3 months, I aligned my routine with the sun, and minimized sugar & junk food. Not only do I lose about 4kgs without any crazy exercise routine, but I am also cyst free now. As you say, it is that simple and effective. Thanks a ton for sharing this.


Hi Nidhi! I have spent a lot with dermatologists to get control of my acne and understand what is wrong. All in vain. I have been following your skincare routine and the things I learned over your life. It’s been 2 weeks now no single pimple popped. I feel lucky to come across your Instagram and follow the work you do. Thanks again.


 Good morning, Nidhi, I’ve spent the last few weeks in such an overwhelmed state by all the Ayurveda content I was consuming and the contradicting opinions out there that I became afraid to eat. I would only eat once a day, late and very little. I lost a lot of weight in a short time and my love for cooking became just fear and overthinking everything. Thanks to you I’m slowly taking a step back and understanding my body.


 As my partner and I got to talking about guns, elements, and doshas, somewhere in between we started analyzing Marvel Avengers their elements, and doshas. It was supremely fun and so unexpected! Like Thanos appears to have so much earth in him and how rigid he is, quicksilver must have more wind and his ever-so-moving fast nerve impulses, Dr. Strange starts to have so much pitta and slowly lets it go as he accepts the flow, how all most all avengers might have fire in them with all that ambition, purpose, and their age, etc.

He still needs to listen to your webinar, and I am sure we will discuss their elements and gunas a few layers deeper once he does that.


 Hi Nidhi… I just finished listening to your webinar. Twice! And OMG I love it! 3 plus felt like 30 mins! It all makes so much sense! I’m not even kidding the whole time I was like why! and ah! How some ppl are completely imbalanced with all the 5 elements? ts. It’s so well explained and it’s honestly a one-of-a-kind course. Hope you would do more short courses for us. It’s amazing! Thanks a lot, Nidhi.


Hey Nidhi, I sat for meditation today morning and just one thing that popped up in my head was how grateful I am to this lockdown and you for bringing Ayurveda into my life. I knew many things before, but nothing felt as authentic as the knowledge you share with us. Thank you for this beginning, Nidhi


Hi Nidhi, 

The webinar was so insightful. The way you break things down makes it so easy to understand and I never felt anyone explaining Ayurveda the way you do. You are truly an angel of Ayurveda. I am so grateful to God for coming across your profile. Can’t wait to do your course.

Thank you and lots of love.


I loved the webinar Nidhi Ji. It was highly engaging.

I love you because you not only know how the body works, but you also know how the mind works. I think that’s beautiful!

I’m so eager to witness and receive new life patterns.

Thank you for this hand-in-hand journey through Ayurveda.


 My would-be husband and I are shortly turning one year into a relationship.

To celebrate this major milestone, he decided to give me your Ayurvedic course as a gift.

This is the first gift from him, and I’m overjoyed to be on board.

I couldn’t be more grateful to both of you.


 I can feel my body changing. With this diet and yoga, there is a lot more fluidity and flexibility. You had said in one of your installs “Strength without aggression”, that’s exactly the kind of strength I feel. My body is still toned and strong but not with the weightlifting bulk and rigidity but there is this softness that I love! My mind and skin also feel better.


 I am feeling fantastic, for the first time, I do feel aligned with my mind, body, and soul. I got periods and had no aches at all, in fact on the 33rd day. No alarming pain at all, and light flow too. No cramps, no headaches, diarrhea, anything. Little uncomfortable on the first day but that’s about it and leg cramps are a bit (really mild).


Thank you, Nidhi for everything that you share! I’ve spent a lot of time in India, bringing people to panchakarma, and spending time with doctors and you are the one who made me truly love Ayurveda. I have a Guru, and once he told me you have to do Ayurveda, at that time I was teaching breathing and yoga full time and was not inspired by Ayurveda at all. Now I understand why he has insisted, and I have to thank you cause it’s really because of you! Lots of Love and gratitude, Delphine.


Before the year comes to an end, I want to write you a little thank you note.

Starting our journey together in January, I was optimistic, but I didn’t realize to what extent you would change my life. I went from pooping once every ten days to pooping every day. From hating my body to now appreciating it, even if I’ve gained weight. From being hard on myself to now at least acknowledging when I am being hard on myself.


 Thank you @my_ayurvedic_life for changing my life when it comes to how I take care of myself and experience my trial cycle each month. The insights you shared so beautifully on @jasminehemsley talk from where I discovered all the beauty that is you. It changed my life and I am so so grateful and wish for all women to learn about this important time in our lives, without shame, suffering, self-hate, etc.


I have more awareness and understanding of Ayurveda since doing the course. I loved how well Nidhi navigated the interactions. She was very responsive to our questions without losing focus on what she was teaching. I recommend this course as I believe Nidhi is an incredible teacher and human. I am looking forward to the next session.

Kristen Dasenbrock, Youth Coordinator, New York


 They should teach this in all colleges and schools. This is Ayurveda – deep but easy at its best. I am already able to make choices for my body that are good. And without pressure. The way you explain things makes it so easy.


 7 years of reading Ayurvedic books, taking courses, and attending workshops have not been able to do for me what your course did. So, from the bottom of my heart – Thank you.


Thank you, Nidhi! It was really amazing and much easier to incorporate the concepts than from the way I had learned so far. Have a nice day!


Thank you, Nidhi for the amazing workshop. Always so nice to hear your soothing voice. Everything is so well explained covering the detailed content with so much simplicity. Thank you.


Loved the AH webinar Nidhi. Infact, I rewatched it now. Just like I am redoing the Ayurveda demystified again for a better understanding.

Honestly the webinar has answered many of the other questions I had in my mind regarding pursuing Ayurveda. I believe connect with your passion and the place you come from. I love every aspect of what you share on your social media handle: Ayurveda, Yoga and your personal life. I learn so much every time I can see you were meant to do this, and I know you were meant to be an inspiration in my journey.

I just felt like writing to you, so I did. Make a great day ahead. Love and hugs.


Hi Nidhi, I took your workshop on longevity, twice. Was great…thank you. I am not able to find the info on your herb supplier from India. You said you would share his contact. I really want to order 1,000 washed ghee. Thanks


Namaste Nidhi, I am so sorry I had to leave yesterday. I have learned more about Ayurveda in my brief time with you than I have from multiple courses over many years. Your clarity and passion for sharing this beautiful practice is inspiring and powerful. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you.


 I am so engrossed in the course. You have a very soulful way of teaching and bring a very fresh perspective to Ayurveda that is way deeper than anything else out there.


You and the knowledge you share are too blessed! Please keep it coming because of you rock! I’ve studied Ayurveda for over 10 years and every time I come to your page, it’s a whole new thing – definitely makes everyone think outside the box! I’m truly grateful!