Restore Sleep

Sleep like a Baby

Sleep is one of the three main pillars of health, according to Ayurveda. “Food” & “Disciplined sensory indulgence” being the other two. Sleep is as important as food. Think about this for a second. Deep sleep is the time when your body naturally goes into rest and repair mode, also known as the parasympathetic mode. It’s a free opportunity to heal. It’s your body taking you to rehab while you chill (literally). On the contrary, when the body does not receive the sleep it
requires – it depreciates. It ages and it decays quicker than it should. Just as a moving car will consume fuel, an awake body will consume energy or life-force. But sleep problems are left in the dark, literally. Rarely addressed
or even treated. The frustration of a sleepless night can only be understood by the person who spends her nights tossing in bed. What’s worse is that every thought seems exaggerated and every fear seems real in the dead of the night.There are various components that go into establishing a good sleeping pattern. From lifestyle to food to even your natural production of sleep hormones.The good news is that you can change sleeping patterns. Your body can be trained to sleep better than a baby. And you don’t have to do it by yourself. Use my knowledge and experience to master your sleep cycles.(I’ve trained myself to sleep really well on a 16 hour plane journey to India, in the middle seat with my two girls falling all over me 🙂 I am sure I can help you to sleep well in your own bed! I work with people using the principles of Ayurveda, yoga and modern sleep science to make sure that you have deep sleep at your finger tips!

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Nidhi Pandya- Ayurvedic healer and consultant