Postpartum & Breastfeeding

Make postpartum and breastfeeding transformative and fulfilling with Nidhi’s masterclass that entails Ayurvedic protocol to get your Postpartum right. It includes everything from herbs, to newborn care, and various other things you need to prepare for this crucial phase of life.


If you’re ready and planning to start your family soon, then this comprehensive bundle is for you. Nidhi takes you step-by-step through Ayurvedic wisdom to get your most crucial phases of life correct and holistic through these four unique, life-changing, and extensive masterclasses.


Learn to nourish your child, build immunity, create a strong foundation, and MORE with this unique Childcare masterclass. With its roots in Baala Chikitsa, a whole branch dedicated to Childcare in Ayurveda, it elaborates extensively on ways to take care of a newborn and much more.

The Little Book of Soups

Get your hands on the little book of delicious Ayurvedic soups/ stews. Take out the available ingredients, stir in some love, and relish comfort in a bowl of hearty soup. Perfect replacement for dinner or as a snack, these soup recipes empower you to tweak them as per your liking.

No Refined Sugar, No Refined Flour Challenge

In modern times, refined flour and sugar have crept into almost all of our foods. Although quick to appease cravings, these processed, shelf-stable foods cause metabolic distress in our bodies. Take Nidhi’s free one-month challenge to notice the remarkable difference in your health!

COVID-19 Protocol

This is a free resource to help anyone in need to restore their health and revive from COVID-19 in the most sustainable and effective manner. Feel free to share this with friends, family, or anyone you know who needs to get their hands on the COVID-19 recovery protocol.

Everything Insomnia

This masterclass elaborates the Insomnia or continuous Lack of Sleep and delves deeper into the ways to manage it through sustainable and holistic ways including lifestyle, herbs, practices, and MORE. It also includes a bonus one-hour restorative Yoga session for managing Insomnia.

PCOS & Ayurveda

This workshop gives you an Ayurvedic perspective on PCOS and ways to manage it in a holistic and sustainable manner. Nidhi guides you towards modifying your diet and lifestyle seamlessly to support and manage PCOS. It also includes a bonus one-hour Yoga sequence for PCOS.

Obesity & Ayurveda

This workshop gives you the Ayurvedic perspective on Weight Gain and Obesity and elaborates on the holistic and healthy protocol to manage Obesity and enhance metabolism through modifying diet, lifestyle, herbal support, and MORE. It also includes a bonus Yoga sequence for Obesity.

Everything Thyroid

This masterclass gives you an Ayurvedic perspective on the Thyroid and guides you toward modifying your diet and lifestyle and making lasting changes to manage your Thyroid in a sustainable and effective manner. This also includes a bonus one-hour Yoga sequence for Thyroid management.