Restore Health

Healthy Family

What’s better than a healthy person?

A healthy family!

There is no gift like the gift of health. All education and training is wasted when a human can not operate at a 100%. However, when only one individual starts walking on the path of health by herself, the journey can be very lonely. There can be a constant tug of war with other family members. And then there comes a great desire to get others on this holistic path but it can be so difficult and confusing. How do I use the principles of Ayurveda to cook the same meal for people with different doshas? How do I meet people in my family where they are at? How do I know when I am pushing too much? How much indulgence is ok? How I do provide the education and motivation for this lifestyle?How do I still make sure that everyone’s palates are pleased? Most of all, how do I do all of this without spending all day in the kitchen and losing my mind? I work with families to bring them to a healthy place and keep them there. I work at the pace and convenience of the families, honoring their ethnic preferences and time limitations. My goal is to introduce changes as organically and joyfully as possible. Make Healthy Living the second nature of your family.

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Nidhi Pandya- Ayurvedic healer and consultant