Does Nidhi offer corporate programs?

Yes, Nidhi offers programs for organizations based on their specific requirements. She has created various programs revolving around work-life balance, breathwork for better focus, building immunity, and much more. If your corporation is looking to have her host one of her unique programs, please write to us at briefly stating your requirements and we will help you with the proceedings.

Does Nidhi work with Ayurvedic practitioners?

Yes, Nidhi is working on a program where she will be helping new and existing practitioners from all over the world to support them with their practice. She will be offering various practical tools and guidance toward finding the niche they need to begin and sustain their journey as Ayurvedic healers.

What are the services that Nidhi offers?

Nidhi is passionate about educating people and helping them live life to the fullest with the help of Ayurveda. Her services include a range of courses, recipes, meditation programs, one-on-one consultation programs and a personalized program for practitioners. She also helps various relevant brands as a mentor and consultant in amplifying their products and services further. You can find more information here.

Where does Nidhi live?

Nidhi resides in New York and was born and raised in India. She however works with clients and brands from across the globe.

What is Nidhi’s academic background?

Nidhi is a 3rd generation Ayurvedic practitioner who has been indoctrinated into it since birth. She has further studied Ayurveda from a gurukulam, Shubham Ayurveda, for over 5 years and has received extensive clinical training from Pune. As a NAMA-certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she continues to decode the ancient science of Ayurveda right from the ancient scriptures (shastras).

Does Nidhi offer personal consultation?

Nidhi offers a six-month mind-body transformation program to help you address your state of imbalance from its root. During those six months, you will be provided with ample personalized resources and recommendations to help you not only heal but also be empowered to live your life to its fullest potential.