Is the Inner Climate Method based on Ayurvedic wisdom?

Yes, it takes the wisdom to deeper levels so you can access the principles in an easy manner and make them more applicable in the modern day. That being said, Nidhi Bhanshali Pandya has learned Ayurveda directly from the scriptures and keeps their essence alive in all her teachings.

Why is the Inner Climate Method different from current wellness systems?

Most wellness systems today rely upon isolated health components and nutrients, expert health advice and incomprehensible jargon. The body is seldom treated as a whole in the modern methods of wellness. Plus, the excessive reliance of external experts versus our own intelligence disempowers and confuses us.

We are often left with plenty of health information, supplements in our closet, anxiety and overwhelm. The Inner Climate Method is a new paradigm that teaches you how to look after your body by bringing back the focus to you.

It teaches you how to filter the clutter in the health world and take what works for you.

It brings you back into flow.

It brings you back to balance in the simplest possible manner.

When can I see the changes?

Ayurveda is a holistic and systemic approach to your bio-individuality. When you see any change will depend on the imbalance, the severity, your present issues, and how diligently you follow all the recommendations made to you.

What changes can I expect by the end of this program?

Our aim is to make sure you are able to achieve almost all of your goals by the end of this 6-month program. When people constantly put in a good effort to implement all the recommendations, use their resources wisely and focus on the bigger picture, we have seen amazing results in all our clients. They come out happier, confident, healthier, energetic, and glowing.

Am I allowed to keep my indulgences?

Nidhi will allow you to keep them in and work them within reason. She will also teach you how you can indulge in a manner that minimized ill impact.

What happens when I don’t follow all the recommendations?

All the recommendations made are going to bring effective changes. They might seem overwhelming at first, but given time you will notice for yourself how amazing you will feel, be and look when all the recommendations will be implemented by you diligently.