How do I know that the optimum Inner Climate is warm and moist?

While I would love to take you deeper in one of my Inner Climate Workshops, let’s get started here.

We are warm blooded mammals with almost everything in our body being warm and moist. Our blood is warm and moist, so is our urine, our breath, the mother’s milk etc. In fact, warm and moist in slang is also used for someone who is sexually aroused as even our reproductive fluids. It is the environment that dictates fertility.

In the recent years, the health world has gone gaga about microbiome aka good bacteria aka flora and fauna. Think about where good flora and fauna exists on the planet. In a place that is warm and moist.

Even when you look at emotions, we like the warm ones better. Anger is too hot, anxiety is too dry and depression is too humid (sluggish). Compassion and gratitude feel warm. Similarly, we gravitate towards people who are warm towards us and shy away from those who have hot heads or are just simply cold.