For as long as I can remember, I have been preoccupied with the idea of how to live a better, fuller and happier life. Being the grand-daughter of an Ayurvedic healer and a spiritual master, my relationship with holistic living started at birth. Our big joint family comprised of 14 members, all of whom had the same lifestyle and food but were very different people. I thus acquired a natural curiosity and understanding of how the human mind works as well as how associations early on in life go a long way in determining the overall attitude of an individual.

In 2002, I founded a value development school called Vyaktitiva to counsel young adolescents and help them find purpose in whatever they do.

In 2004, I moved to the United States and ended up working with a pharmaceutical company for a year. I came face to face with the glaring flaws of the current medical system and its misalignment with the principles of nature. My roots became dearer to me than ever before.

I am getting a formal education in Ayurveda from Shubham Ayurveda, studying the Sanskrit ancient texts of Carak Samhita and Ashtanga Hrudayam. I have also studied Naturopathy with Dr Vjaya Venkat and Holistic nutrition at the Global College of Natural Medicine.

Wellness to me means aligning your body and mind to only consume what nourishes you on both levels. This can only happen when you truly understand your body and are able to tune in to your mind.

Wellness is not the fear of sickness, it is the freedom that comes with being well. Join me in my journey and lets move towards a happier, better and fuller life.